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I ART U DTLA occurs alongside the DTLA Artwalk on the second Thursday of every month. What date would you like to vend on?
The following items, collectively “Terms and Conditions”:“Vendor” is any participant approved for a selling space, “Applicant” refers to any individual or company applying for a selling space, “Venue" refers to I ART YOU DTLA and it's Producers. By completing and submitting this online application for review, the Applicant agrees to the following Terms & Conditions if accepted: (1) Each accepted Vendor will receive a space to sell art and artisan goods during one designated Event (2) Each Vendor is responsible for supplying ALL other items, includes but not limited to, electrical cables, power strips, lighting, displays, personal garbage and signage. NO additional space, materials, Wi-Fi, fixtures or accommodations or parking will be provided by the Venue unless specified prior in writing by the Venue (3) No audio or video or freestanding signage is provided or allowed by the Venue unless specified prior in writing by the Venue. (4) Vendors display must be clean and presentable in a method approved by the Venue (5) Applications are reviewed by the Venue. Approvals are based on a variety of factors, including merchandise. (6) The Venue will assign spaces. (7) Vendors must keep sales and distribution of materials inside the space designated by the Venue to that Vendor (e.g. 10’x10’ or 6'x5') unless otherwise specified in writing by the Venue (8) Approved Vendors may, in some circumstances, be approved to share a space by prior written permission by the Venue (9) The Vendor reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason. (10) Vendors may not resell the space or sublease the space to other Vendors. (11) Pets are welcome (12) Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas. (13) Paperwork and payment from the Vendor is required by the Venue within 48 hours after the Vendor receives approval following the submission of this completed form, or participation may be refused by the Vendor. (14) Load in is scheduled between 11:30am and 3.00 pm, the first who come may be given preference. If vehicles are permitted, vehicles must be walked in and out of courtyard by an I ART U DTLA official. If permitted in, all vehicles must then be removed from the area until load out between 10pm-12pm. Please be respectful of the residents throughout the event, and especially during load out. Anyone not in compliance may be refused participation at the event for which they are present and any future events produced by I ART U DTLA. (15) Vendor agrees that images and video of vendor and their product or performance as well as submitted materials may be used for Producer and Venue marketing purposes, without final approval or royalties (16) If the Venue, or any other bodies under which the Venue operates ie. property management, LAPD, LAFD take exception to the the conduct of a Vendor, participation may be immediately and forever refused.
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