Laura Letchinger

Pop Up Gallery Oct 12th 2017



On October 12th Laura Letchinger will be sharing her works in a solo exhibit pop up gallery at I ART U DTLA. 

Laura Letchinger is a self-taught contemporary artist living in Los Angeles. She creates large abstract paintings that though varied in style, usually contain an urban industrial edge. Her works are acrylic on canvas, often combined with other mediums such as pastel, graphite, crayon and collage.

“Free from thinking about the past, the future, or even the present mark being made in front of me, a unique internal space exists into which creative energy can flow. I might have a certain intention or feeling as I paint, but for me the process is the most interesting and exciting when this energy manifests onto the canvas unfiltered by the mind. As a piece nears completion thoughts often do appear; I see patterns in the image and consider how to develop them. But because so much of even that process is intuitive rather than analytical, when I look at a finished painting I don’t really feel it’s something that I, in particular, made. This magical, magnetic experience of being and discovery continually pulls me to the studio to see what comes up next.” - Laura Letchinger

The Laura Letchinger pop up gallery will be held in the center of Santee Courtyard at 716 S. Los Angeles St. unit D. Los Angeles CA 90014 from 5-10pm on Oct 12th 2017.